Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Management

EHS stands for “environment, health, and safety,” and for many companies, a crucial part of their processes is EHS management, meaning the codification and practice of procedures aimed at ensuring the safety of workers and their surroundings. Technology has transformed the way EHS is managed: It’s allowed management systems to become more finely tuned and efficient, and defined the role of corporate culture in boosting EHS performance.

To better understand the EHS management meaning, we’ll break down each letter of the acronym. These are some of the areas EHS processes strive to protect and make safer.

    • Environment: This refers to the world around you and concerns preventing things like chemical spills and air pollution.
    • Health: This usually refers to things that can make people ill, like pathogens, radiation, and exposure to noise or bad smells.
    • Safety: The safety aspect of EHS is focused on preventing workplace accidents and injuries.

Regulatory requirements play an important role in EHS discipline and EHS managers must identify and understand relevant EHS regulations, the implications of which must be communicated to executive management so the company can implement
suitable measures like

  • Waste Management
  • Waste Reprocessing / Recycling

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